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If you have been looking around to determine what is the right solution for you then we are sure you will have seen many different systems and technologies. Below we list some of the most common systems available.

One-to-one portable induction loop system

Reception counter induction loop system

Installed room / hall systems

Domestic television listeners

Self-install room induction loop kits 



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One to one portable induction loop systems

Often a solution is required that will allow communication between 2 people on a one-to-one basis . Examples of this would be a reception desk, a doctors or dentists surgery or a small interview room or office.

Small portable solutions are available such as the EXP-PORTALOOP which are complete induction loop systems in a compact package. The units operate on mains power or rechargeable batteries (included) and are able to provide an operating area of approx 1.5Metres diameter.



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One to one portable radio based systems

The EXP-ASL system is an ideal solution where more flexibility is required. A standard kit includes a pendant receiver which creates a personal induction loop field around the wearers head, and a transmitter which may be used in a number of ways. The transmitter may be connected to a sound source such as a sound system, hifi or television. It may be worn as a pendant by another person and with pick up their voice via the onboard microphone or it may be switched to group mode and placed on a table to pick up discussed by a whole group. The sound is then transmitted to the pendant receiver, delivering clear, intelligable sound.

This system is ideal for a student who wears a hearing aid as it can be taken from class to class easily, of by a person who wishes to utilise it for watching television, holding conversations etc around the home or even in the car!

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Installed room / hall systems

There are many areas where there is a need to communicate with a whole room of people. Typical examples are schools, churches, meeting and conference rooms etc.

In these instances we need to look at a solution that will enable a person who has hearing difficulties to be able to sit anywhere within the room and still receive a strong signal.

In these instances we use a range of high power amplifiers connected to a cable installed around the perimeter of the room. the exact positioning of this cable will be dependant upon a range of factors including the size and shape of the room, the construction of the room and other specialist factors such as is there a need to control the size of the loop field.

Our team have many years experience in designing and installing loop systems for every type of building. We are able to provide you with a desgn that will work effectively and meet the criteria laid out in the legislation and standards for induction loop systems. In addition to these technical criteria we are also able to choose cable routes and installation methods that will minimise the impact of having a cable installed all the way around the room. We often work in grade 1 and grade 2 listed buildings and have developed working practices to keep even the most particular of architects happy.

In addition to the installed system we provide we do offer a range of self-install kits for installation by electricians or other competent installers.

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Reception counter systems

A reception counter is normally the first point of contact with a member of the public and so it is vital that this area is provided with a means of communication.

Reception counter induction loop systems can be fitted with the minimum of fuss and mess and provide an instant improvement to the service able to be offered to those persons who may have hearing difficulties.

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Domestic Systems

In the home it can be very hard to listen to the television or h-fi if there is any sort of background noise.

there are a number of products available to assist in this situation without having to turn up the volume on the TV or stereo excessively.

A domestic induction loop system could be installed. this would cover the whole lounge area allowing flexibility of seating position. this could be connected to the TV, the hi-fi and also to an external microphone if required to aid conversation. this system is supplied as a self-install kit.


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